The Need

Climate Change – The Need

Climate change is a critical 21st century challenge. Major initiatives are underway across the globe but the key metric of success the reduction of greenhouse gas concentration (GHG) in the atmosphere is not improving. A new model for engaging, educating, and securing support from the world community is needed. The Sustainable Energy Corps will be designed to engage students, communities, professionals, universities, companies, government, and other stakeholders. The focus is on measurement and reduction of GHG concentration in the atmosphere. Translating the “adopt-a-highway” model the world would be divided into local regions connected globally using contemporary data and content platforms.

Building the Sustainable Energy Corps

  • There are many additional excellent efforts underway that could be incorporated, and we look forward to a collaboration that finds, applies, and continues to improve a new, major global network committed to solving the challenge of climate change. We hope to have this start a broader discussion on how we can move to build a global community for addressing climate change.
  • We need a new data-based approach for responding to climate change: create a global initiative designed around the measurement and reduction of the atmospheric GHG.
  • An improvement methodology requires a defined approach and operating team. There are proven methodologies, such as Six Sigma, that use quantitative output measurements to guide improvement efforts. For climate change, we can form a Sustainable Energy Corps (SEC) to bring together a global network of students, business and industry, civil society, universities, communities, and government. The Sustainable Energy Corps can map global emissions to local regions and connect stakeholders with data, knowledge, and best practices to enable local to global collaboration – starting first with students across the world.
  • Students are eager to work on solutions to climate change as it is the defining challenge for their generation. The Sustainable Energy Corps can focus their enthusiasm and education in energy, energy system design, and sustainability as well as their understanding of key stakeholder needs to design solutions balancing economics and emission reduction benefits.
  • The framework for the Sustainable Energy Corps builds on learning from many years of business process improvement practices and more recent development of integrated learning and innovation models spanning university to workplace. The approach fits with the new American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Institute for Learning and Innovation.
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