“We’ve lost another decade on climate change”

  • Solving climate change requires reduction of greenhouse gases concentration in the atmosphere.

Greenhouse Gas Concentration in the Atmosphere Causes Climate Change Risk

  • Greenhouse gases concentration in the atmosphere continue to increase.
  • Despite global attention to climate change, improvement in the critical success measure has not been realized to date.

Climate Change Challenge

  • The global energy is based on 80% fossil energy sources – coal, oil, and gas. This energy system has resulted from centuries of development and investment
  • The emissions points across the globe are known and need a plan to address through a combination of replacement, reconfiguration, modification, and much more.
  • Options exist for each emission source and need to be rated based on benefits and costs – seeking the lower system cost solution for addressing each emission source.
  • Innovation is needed to reduce cost, improvement efficiency, enable new solutions, and change the underlying demand for energy.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the World Contribute to Increasing Greenhouse Gas Concentration

  • Greenhouse gas emissions occur from all countries in the world.
  • The share of US contribution to greenhouse gas emissions has been decreasing – the problem needs to be address globally.

Climate Change Requires New Investments

  • Climate change is also an asset transition problem – need to replace, reconfigure, improve efficiency, and innovate for new solutions.
  • There is a global investment required, many estimates exist such as the above McKinsey study.
  • Innovation is critical for finding new solutions, reducing costs and enabling an acceptable benefit / cost ratio.

Focus on Major Emissions with Speed


We Need a New Global Approach

  • Today’s “activity focused” approach does not ensure net reduction of greenhouse gas concentration. Lack of progress results in calls for additional activity without assurance that improvements will be realized.
  • An “improvement focused” approach is needed which begins with all local emission points. Each point needs a plan to address and reduce. New solutions also need to be included as part of future emissions contribution.
  • Engagement of all generations is vital with education and understanding of what is required to address climate change and what they can do as part of the solution.