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Outside TX,LA Region
Selected Keywords: sustainability (53), climate change (36), energy (27), decarbonization (19), renewable energy (17), clean energy (14), climate (12)

Type:  NSF Engines Type-1 Proposal

1) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1: Delaware Valley Regional Engine for Use-Inspired Sustainable Engineering (DEV-REUSE) (Ref # 8)
Summary: The Engine’s topic area is in the overarching theme of the circular economy. It hopes to accelerate solutions and technologies for energy production, food security and manufacturing.
Organization: University of Delaware  Contact: Papoutsakis, Eleftherios  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  food security,  h2 economy,  carbon negative,  circular economy  Locations: DE,MD,NJ,PA 

2) Title: Jump-Starting Economic Transformation in Northwest Indiana through Advanced Manufacturing for Global Competitiveness and Decarbonization (JET NWI) (Ref # 14)
Summary: The Engine proposes to advance manufacturing through digital technologies, sustainability and workforce training and education.
Organization: Purdue University Northwest  Contact: Rempfer, Dietmar  Contact Link
Keywords: decarbonization,  digital twins,  industry 4.0,  advanced manufacturing  Locations: IN 

3) Title: NSF Engines (Type-1): Producing Next-Generation Healthful and Sustainable Foods [WISH Foods: Wisconsin Innovates Sustainable and Healthful Foods] (Ref # 18)
Summary: The Engine proposes to accelerate the production of next-generation foods.
Organization: University of Wisconsin-Madison  Contact: Bolling, Bradley  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  energy,  chemistry,  health,  waste,  food  Locations: WI 

4) Title: NSF Engines: Type 1: Water and Energy Solutions to Reduce Risk and Build Resilience for Manufacturing and Utilities (Ref # 19)
Summary: The Engine proposes to tackle the effects of climate change through water and energy innovation, solving water and energy nexus challenges critical to the future health, security and economic strengths.
Organization: The Water Council, Inc.  Contact: Jensen, Amy  Contact Link
Keywords: climate,  manufacturing,  advanced energy technologies,  water technology,  resiliency  Locations: WI,IL 

5) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1: Transforming Construction Industry into Advanced Building Manufacturing Industry for Urbanization of South Jersey (Ref # 22)
Summary: The Engine proposes to transform the current construction industry into advanced building manufacturing. Such transformation will assist urbanization as the construction industry is expected to have significant growth.
Organization: Rowan University  Contact: Mehta, Yusuf  Contact Link
Keywords: climate change,  adaptive structures,  resilient structures,  sustainable and advanced materials,  additive construction and manufacturing  Locations: NJ 

6) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1: Midwest Microelectronics Collective (Ref # 37)
Summary: The Engine proposes to advance the state of research and translation in microelectronics, hardware and software development.
Organization: University of Missouri – Kansas City  Contact: Caruso, Anthony  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  diversity,  manufacturing,  equity,  microelectronics  Locations: MO,KS 

7) Title: NSF Engines Type 1 – D-SET Inclusive Innovation Hub (Ref # 39)
Summary: The Engine proposes to focus on “ground water sustainability and management” with an emphasis on food security. The engine hopes to build on innovations for water conservation and food production.
Organization: 3C Capital Fund Inc  Contact: Morris, Ali  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  food insecurities,  management,  ground water  Locations: CA 

8) Title: NSF Engines: Type 1 – A Regional Innovation Engine for Clean Energy Technology (Ref # 45)
Summary: The Engine proposes to harvest wind energy from passing vehicles on freeways and highways for electric power generation.
Organization: California State University, Long Beach  Contact: Rahai, Hamid  Contact Link
Keywords: renewable energy,  wind power system,  sensors,  wind shear,  wind energy  Locations: CA 

9) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1: Enabling Climate Change Resilience in the Central U.S. with Smart and Connected Sensor Systems (Ref # 49)
Summary: The Engine proposes to focus on at-scale sensing systems to support climate resiliency. Systems will include: the physical infrastructure, cyberinfrastructure and algorithm, the human, social and engineered systems traditionally used for communication.
Organization: University of Iowa  Contact: Stanier, Charles  Contact Link
Keywords: climate,  water,  business intelligence,  air quality,  smart sensors  Locations: IA,AR,KS,NE 

Summary: The Engine proposes to develop a sustainable clean energy “cluster” with smaller distributed clean energy network infrastructures, and smarter more efficient, more resilient and more secure clean energy power grids
Organization: IQgrid Ltd. PBC  Contact: Mangram, Myles  Contact Link
Keywords: clean energy,  technology corridor,  microgrids,  artificial intelligence (ai),  ai microgrids  Locations: CA 

11) Title: Southwest Innovation Engine for a Carbon-Neutral Economy (Ref # 67)
Summary: The Engine proposes to accelerate discovery, development and adoption of solutions that lead to a carbon-neutral economy, with an emphasis on the consequent complexities of societal transitions.
Organization: Arizona State University – LightWorks  Contact: Stechel, Ellen  Contact Link
Keywords: decarbonization,  critical materials,  equity and inclusion,  energy and manufacturing,  carbon-neutral economy  Locations: AZ 

12) Title: NSF Engines: Type 1: Wisconsin Co-opetition Engine to Catalyze Path-Breaking Supply Chain Innovation, Engagement, and Adoption (Ref # 73)
Summary: The Engine proposes to target supply chain resilience and digitization in cybersecurity, human performance and operations. The engine hopes to fortify a resilient ecosystem through a partnership model focused on driving competition, training and experiential learning.
Organization: University of Wisconsin System Administration  Contact: Kangas, Idella  Contact Link
Keywords: climate change,  resilience,  digital transformation,  manufacturing,  co-opetition  Locations: WI 

13) Title: NSF Engines: Type- 1: Net-Positive Housing Regional Innovation Consortium (Ref # 77)
Summary: The Engine proposes to address housing, affordability, disaster and climate resilience through building upon net-zero energy principles, highlighting the positive community impacts that come with sustainable housing, beyond energy efficiency.
Organization: Kansas State University  Contact: Gibson, Michael  Contact Link
Keywords: climate change,  sustainability,  economic development,  resilience,  affordable housing  Locations: KS,MO 

14) Title: Common Mission Project’s Intermountain West Innovation Engine to develop a Climate and Infrastructure Resiliency (Ref # 125)
Summary: The Engine proposes to work on the topic area of climate change, tackling droughts in watershed regions.
Organization: Common Mission Project  Contact: Perreca, Eric  Contact Link
Keywords: decarbonization,  resilience,  accelerator,  drought,  climate innovation and clean energy  Locations: UT 

15) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1: Land, Water, and Energy Innovations for a Snake River Basin Regional Innovation Engine (Ref # 129)
Summary: The Engine proposes to design and manufacture sensors to optimize the moisture required in agriculture. This Engine will have a focus on sensor approaches needed to reduce methane in the diary industry, including the use of hydro turbines and generators.
Organization: Boise State University  Contact: Lighty, JoAnn  Contact Link
Keywords: energy,  netzero,  manufacturing,  agriculture,  water  Locations: ID,WY 

16) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1: Blue Economy and Sustainable Technologies for the Maritime Environment (BEST) (Ref # 138)
Summary: The Engine proposes to focus on the blue economy and sustainable technologies by enhancing entrepreneurial activities to develop maritime focused business. An emphasis will be placed on sustainable practices and energy and food security.
Organization: University of Alaska Fairbanks  Contact: Webley, Peter  Contact Link
Keywords: energy,  sustainability,  food production,  community,  maritime  Locations: AK 

17) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1: NSF Engines: Type-1: Tennessee Technology-Enabled Advanced Mobility Engine (T2EAM-Engine) (Ref # 154)
Summary: The Engine proposes to revolutionize mobility, reduce reliance on carbon intensive energy sources and mitigate greenhouse gases through the advancement of electrification and digitization. It aims to enable automation at a scale to bridge the rural-urban divide, develop a diverse and inclusive STEM workforce, and deliver economic and technological advancements.
Organization: University of Tennessee Knoxville  Contact: Heaslip, Kevin  Contact Link
Keywords: climate change,  decarbonization,  automation,  electrification,  mobility  Locations: TN 

18) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1: Blue Economy engine driving the Southern Atlantic costal region. (Ref # 158)
Summary: The Engine proposes to advance regional economies dependent on resources from marine and coastal waters (blue economy) including sustainability, marine technology, aquacultures, coastal resilience, and renewable energy.
Organization: University of North Carolina Wilmington  Contact: Halanych, Ken  Contact Link
Keywords: renewable energy,  coastal resilience,  aquaculture,  marine technology,  blue economy  Locations: NC 

19) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1: Vibrant Ecosystem for Climate Change Mitigation (Ref # 162)
Summary:  The Engine proposes to address the use-inspired challenges in disaster management, public health, government services, housing, and mobility and transportation through establishing a regional epicenter for research and development.
Organization: GENIA Latinoamerica, PBC  Contact: Castro Quiles, Felipe  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  climate change,  adaptation,  resilience,  artificial intelligence  Locations: PR 

20) Title: Strategic Development of a San Juan AI Clean Energy Corridor (Via AI Microgrid Networks) (Ref # 166)
Summary: The Engine proposes to work on artificial intelligence-enabled microgrid development
Organization: IQgrid Ltd. PBC  Contact: Mangram, Myles  Contact Link
Keywords: clean energy,  technology corridor,  microgrids,  artificial intelligence (ai),  ai microgrids  Locations: PR 

21) Title: Sustainable aquaculture innovation for economic growth and resilience in the Western Pacific region (Ref # 169)
Summary: The Engine proposes to develop a hub for sustainable aquaculture technology advancement. With aquaculture being the fastest growing food production sector and the US being one of its largest consumers, the engine will develop disruptive technologies that integrate renewable energy.
Organization: University of Guam  Contact: Moore_linn, Cathleen  Contact Link
Keywords: renewable energy,  genome editing,  internet of things,  guam,  aquaculture  Locations: GU,FM 

22) Title: NSF Engines: Black Belt Agrivoltaic Workforce Development and Research Center (BARC) (Ref # 182)
Summary: The Engine proposes to focus on the rapid growth of, and training on the green energy economy, with the overarching goal being to identify gaps in achieving justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion within our social workforce through clean energy innovation and utilization.
Organization: Auburn University  Contact: Mitra, Chandana  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  jedi (justice equity diversity inclusion),  community empowerment,  workforce development,  agrivoltaics  Locations: AL 

23) Title: The Nuclear Energy eXploration of Undiscovered Synergies Engine. aka “The NEXUS Engine” (Ref # 90)
Summary: The Engine proposes to develop, deploy, and sustain next generation nuclear energy technologies while also driving the vision of the future through a coalition of universities, associations, industry, national labs and academia.
Organization: Framatome  Contact: Gibson, Daryl  Contact Link
Keywords: clean energy,  small modular reactor,  advanced reactor,  fission,  nuclear energy  Locations: VA 

24) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1: Northeast Carbon Zero Regional Innovation Engine (Ref # 191)
Summary: The Engine proposes to catalyze the creation of carbon-free energy systems to address the climate crisis while generating economic opportunity for the regions underserved rural and de-industrialized communities. The idea is to serve as an organizing hub, orchestrator, and conduit of connectivity among various constituencies (energy end-users, communities, researchers, industry, entrepreneurs, workforce development, government) in a use-inspired innovation ecosystem.
Organization: University of Vermont  Contact: Dombrowski, Kirk  Contact Link
Keywords: decarbonization,  equity,  green economy,  rural workforce,  clean energy transition  Locations: ME,VT,NH,MA,RI,CT,NY 

25) Title: Empower906 – Designing a platform to address the challenges of rural America (Ref # 193)
Summary: The Engine proposes to address the challenges facing rural communities and emerging technologies in topics including rural mobility and rural recycling/circular economy.
Organization: Empower906  Contact: Lehmann, Kurt  Contact Link
Keywords: energy,  mobility,  housing,  agriculture,  rural  Locations: MI 

26) Title: Decarbonizing Agricultural Residues by bio-Transformations (DART) (Ref # 203)
Summary: This Engine proposes to decarbonizing agricultural residues by bio-transformations. The long-term vision is to create a bioeconomy based on renewable non-food sources derived from existing or new agricultural residues (coproducts).
Organization: University of Wisconsin-Madison  Contact: Lucey, John  Contact Link
Keywords: decarbonization,  agricultural residues,  biofermentation,  food waste,  circular bioeconomy  Locations: WI,IA,MN,SD,IL 

27) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1: Center for Adaptive, Sustainable, and Equitable Social Habitats (Ref # 214)
Summary: The Engine proposes to address crises and disasters of concern of the region’s broader geographies, such as weather-related events for coastal communities, and agricultural impacts for farming through a resilience and adaption lens.
Organization: University of Virginia  Contact: Marathe, Madhav  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  equity,  multi-scale/multi-layer research and solutions,  disaster and crisis mitigation and response,  adaptive social habitats  Locations: VA,MD,NC,WV,TN,KY,DC 

28) Title: Clean Power Technology in Northwest Florida (Ref # 221)
Summary: The Engine proposes to innovate, manufacture and distribute clean power technologies to generate, store transport, secure and utilize power created from solar, wind, tidal, geothermal and other non-fossil fuel sources.
Organization: University of West Florida  Contact: Schwartz, Matthew  Contact Link
Keywords: clean energy,  cybersecurity,  advanced manufacturing,  primarily undergraduate institution (pui),  technology transfer  Locations: FL 

29) Title: NSF Engines: Type 1 Equity in One Health Bio-Innovation at Scale (Ref # 230)
Summary: The Engine proposes to address the human health challenges stemmed from climate change through Bio-innovative solutions.
Organization: SUNY Upstate Medical University  Contact: Amberg, David  Contact Link
Keywords: climate change,  equity,  zoonotic,  vector,  bio-innovation  Locations: NY 

30) Title: Georgia ClimateTech & Sustainability Regional Innovation Engine (Ref # 232)
Summary: The Engine proposes to take advantage of large decarbonization opportunities by focusing on use inspired challenges that have the potential for strategic economic growth.
Organization: Greenhouse Accelerator  Contact: Burgener, Bernie  Contact Link
Keywords: decarbonization,  sustainability,  inclusion,  georgia,  climatetech  Locations: GA 

31) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1: Climate Resilient Development Hub for Hawai?i and the USAPI Region (Ref # 246)
Summary: The Engine proposes to catalyze an ecosystem of translation research rooted in indigenous knowledge systems to bring novel climate-resilient technologies to market that are focused around the areas of aquaculture, fisheries, tropical agriculture (food resilience), coastal infrastructure, ports (resilient infrastructure) and health equity (resilient health).
Organization: University of Hawaii, Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation  Contact: Syrmos, Vassilis  Contact Link
Keywords: climate change,  tropical agriculture,  sustainable seafood,  human health,  coastal infrastructure  Locations: HI,USAPI,GU,PW,MH,AS,FM 

32) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1: Creating a cleaner aviation and more sustainable energy for Long Island region and beyond (Ref # 251)
Summary: The Engine proposes to focus on clean aviation, tidal and marine energy, and offshore wind energy areas that are unique to the region.
Organization: Stony Brook University  Contact: Orlov, Alexander  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  manufacturing,  energy efficiency,  offshore wind,  aviation  Locations: NY 

33) Title: Kern Engine: A Sustainable Ecosystem for Agriculture, Energy, and Water in the Southern Central Valley of California (Ref # 253)
Summary: The Engine proposes to integrate sustainable energy and agriculture.
Organization: Kern Community College District  Contact: Daugherty, Devin  Contact Link
Keywords: energy,  ecosystem,  transportation,  agriculture,  sustainable  Locations: CA 

34) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1: Building Equitable Resilience in Coastal Communities (Ref # 257)
Summary: The Engine proposes increasing the ability of coastal communities, economies, and ecosystems to rebound, adapt, and thrive amid the shocks and stresses of climate change by leveraging current innovative resilience efforts to expand existing infrastructure and scale community and regional resilience strategies to improve the regional quality of life for all citizens, encourage healthy economic growth, maximize resilience, and conserve resources.
Organization: Old Dominion University  Contact: Foster, Morris  Contact Link
Keywords: climate,  resilience,  adaptation,  flooding,  coastal  Locations: VA,NC 

35) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1: Pan-Southeast Innovations Engine (Ref # 97)
Summary: The Engine proposes to work on climate action, clean energy, and industrial decarbonization, with strong support for underserved innovators.
Organization: Intelli-Products Inc.  Contact: Clemenzi, Rick  Contact Link
Keywords: clean energy,  underserved innovators,  agrivoltaics,  industrial decarbonization,  climate action  Locations: NC 

36) Title: NSF Engines: Type-I: Networked Blue Tech Economy (Ref # 285)
Summary: The Engine proposes to work on the networked blue tech economy. It aims to accelerate bold, new, interconnected projects in wireless multi-domain (underwater, sea surface, ground, air, space) networking, sensing, ocean and coastal renewable energy and team-artificial intelligence technologies to tackle the obstacles imposed by the disconnected and fragmented nature of the many ocean-related sectors, technologies, and communities.
Organization: University of Miami  Contact: Bachas, Leonidas  Contact Link
Keywords: climate,  energy,  connectivity,  technology,  ocean economy  Locations: FL 

37) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1: Building a Sustainable Manufacturing Flywheel through New Technologies and an Innovation Ecosystem (Ref # 287)
Summary: The Engine proposes to transition the manufacturing sector from a linear, carbon-intensive economy to one that innovates and develops sustainable products and services for the exigent circular economy. The goal is to establish a robust, concentrated network that spurs collaboration and will unlock the human potential within the region’s populace.
Organization: Case Western Reserve University  Contact: McGuffin-Cawley, James  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  circular economy,  manufacturing  Locations: OH 

38) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1: Green Manufacturing Technologies Innovation Center (GMTIC) (Ref # 289)
Summary: The Engine proposes to provide sustainable green manufacturing technologies for the auto, aero, and cement industries. It aims to accelerate emerging green technologies and provide innovative solutions in manufacturing to support electrification of the transportation industry and its supply chain.
Organization: Clemson University  Contact: Kelkar, Atul  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  electrification,  green manufacturing,  green energy  Locations: SC,NC 

39) Title: NSF Engines: Type 1 Sustainable Food Security and Quality for All: A Global Advanced Technology Blueprint from the Chesapeake Bay Watershed (Ref # 298)
Summary: The Engine proposes to address food security, access to quality nutrition, and sustainability for all by focusing on technological innovations and workforce development in agri tech, blue tech/clean tech, health tech, and distribution/security.
Organization: Maryland Tech Council  Contact: Rosendale, Martin  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  nutrition,  agriculture,  food,  chesapeake  Locations: MD,VA,PA,DE,NY,WV,DC 

40) Title: Type-1: Addressing Inequities in Utility Infrastructure in the Navajo Nation to Bring About a More Sustainable Future (Ref # 306)
Summary: The Engine proposes to focus on the operational side of renewable energy technologies. It aims to ensure that the new technologies address the challenges and meet the needs of the population, withstand their full life cycles, in operations, output, replacement/fixes, and, do not continue to marginalize disadvantaged communities.
Organization: Arizona State University  Contact: Sullivan, Kenneth  Contact Link
Keywords: energy,  maintenance,  infrastructure,  inclusion,  equity  Locations: AZ 

41) Title: A New Jersey Engine for Sustainable Economic Growth in the Face of Climate Change (Ref # 315)
Summary: The Engine proposes to build an innovative ecosystem built on sustainability in the face of climate change. The Engine will focus on three pillars of sustainability: sustainable manufacturing, sustainable energy sources, and coastal resilience.
Organization: Rowan University  Contact: Palmese, Giuseppe  Contact Link
Keywords: energy,  sustainability,  climate change,  coastal resilience,  manufacturing  Locations: NJ 

42) Title: NSF Engines: Type 1: Developing sustainable technologies for resilience towards climate change and pollution for environmental justice communities in South Carolina (Ref # 342)
Summary: The Engine proposes to develop an innovation ecosystem based on sustainable technology for improved resilience to climate change and pollution, with a particular focus on Environmental Justice (EJ) communities. The goal will be to foster entrepreneurialism and commercial activity within the whole region, with a specific focus on EJ community development.
Organization: GeoMat LLC  Contact: Lead, Jamie  Contact Link
Keywords: climate change,  technology development,  pollution,  environmental justice,  innovation  Locations: SC 

43) Title: Clean Energy to Generate Innovative New Economic Systems (Clean ENGINES) (Ref # 343)
Summary: The Engine proposes to disrupt and replace conventional energy generation methods with land-based and offshore wind, solar, and marine energy, as well as related technologies such as energy storage, power and micro grids, power transmission, and distribution to support the commercial translation of broad, clean, renewable energy technologies.
Organization: East Carolina University  Contact: Abdel-Salam, Tarek  Contact Link
Keywords: energy,  innovative clean energy ecosystems,  technology-based economic development,  sustainable innovation ecosystem,  climate change resilience  Locations: NC,SC 

44) Title: FORUM RIE: Food, Renewable energy Utilization and Materials (Ref # 352)
Summary: The Engine proposes to utilize renewable energy to transform the production of a sustainable mix of food and materials from agriculture resources, while reducing fossil resource utilization and improving environmental quality in the region of service.
Organization: University of Kansas  Contact: Allgeier, Alan  Contact Link
Keywords: climate change,  renewable energy,  circular bioeconomy,  biomass,  food science  Locations: KS,NE,MN,WI,IA,IL,MO 

45) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1: Marine EV Regional Innovation Engine on Maryland’s Upper Eastern Shore (Ref # 358)
Summary: The Engine proposes to lead a coalition of regional partners in the design and development of innovative electric power systems for marine vessels (marine EVs).
Organization: Washington College  Contact: Palmer, Brian  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  marine,  engineering,  transportation,  ev (electric vehicles)  Locations: MD 

46) Title: The CleanTech Critical Minerals Supply Chain Engine (Ref # 366)
Summary: The Engine proposes to build a cleantech critical minerals supply chain to increase resiliency in the US manufacturing ecosystem by focusing on 50 critical minerals (e.g., copper, lithium, nickel, manganese, cobalt, graphite, and chromium).
Organization: Alabama Transportation Institute, The University of Alabama  Contact: Parrish, Allen  Contact Link
Keywords: clean energy,  electric vehicles,  clean mobility and power,  critical minerals,  supply chain resilience  Locations: AL,GA 

47) Title: Sustainable building incubator lab: Skill, Product, Material, and Method (Ref # 368)
Summary: The Engine proposes the creation of an incubator lab for business development around sustainable building products, materials, methods and entrepreneurship skills. Their goal is to boost market penetration of existing sustainable building technologies and support venture development around emerging intellectual properties.
Organization: Kennesaw State University  Contact: Keyvanfar, Ali  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  business development,  construction skills,  construction material,  construction methods  Locations: GA 

48) Title: NSF Engines: Type I: Regional Engine for Sustainable and Resilient Architecture, Engineering, and Construction in Mass Timber (RE-ACT)” (Ref # 370)
Summary: The Engine proposes to innovate sustainable construction with timber.
Organization: University of Oregon  Contact: Sheine, Judith  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  economic development,  resilient design,  zero-carbon,  mass timber  Locations: OR,WA,CA,CO 

49) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1: WEST-R6 : Western Energy Sustainable Transition – Recovery, Reuse, Recycling, Remanufacturing, Ready-Force, Reimagined, (Ref # 388)
Summary: The Engine proposes to create a flourishing clean energy ecosystem centered around developing use-inspired reach, translation of innovations to practice, and workforce development efforts centered around three major tenants: (1) lithium and other critical materials, (2) hydrogen, and (3) water.
Organization: Desert Research Inst.  Contact: McKenna, Sean  Contact Link
Keywords: energy,  economy,  water,  hydrogen,  minerals  Locations: CA,ID,NV,NM,UT,AZ 

50) Title: Reducing Ecosystem Vulnerability through Growth Opportunities for Coastal NorthCarolina (REV-GO-Coastal NC). (Ref # 399)
Summary: The Engine proposes to address the place based challenges of climate change through integrating both engineered (e.g., smart cities, offshore renewable energy, smart grids) and natural systems (e.g., living shorelines, wind-turbine reefs, combined aquaculture and carbon farms) to stimulate sustainable economic development responses.
Organization: Marine Science and Conservation, Duke University Marine Lab, Beaufort, North Carolina  Contact: Silliman, Brian  Contact Link
Keywords: climate,  nature-based,  engineered,  resiliency,  coastal  Locations: NC 

51) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1: Animal-Free Cell Culture Media for Cell-Based Meat (Ref # 412)
Summary: The Engine proposes to tackle cell culture media, particularly, the generic formulation of animal-free media for use in growing mammalian cells in the biotechnology industry.
Organization: BioPharm Laboratories LLC  Contact: Irwin, Jonathan  Contact Link
Keywords: climate change,  biology,  agriculture,  animal-free media,  cell-based meat  Locations: WI 

52) Title: NSF Engines: Type 1: Building Resilient and Sustainable Communities through Biomass Processing in the Four Corners Region and Beyond (Ref # 414)
Summary: The Engine proposes to develop projects and technologies focused on sustainable biomass utilization. They aim to develop an upscaled and commercialized version of woody biomass conversion technology so that hydrogen, water, and biochar can be scaled to a volume that would spur regional economic and workforce development.
Organization: Northern Arizona University  Contact: Ciocanel, Constantin  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  resilience,  wildfires mitigation,  hydrogen,  biomass conversion  Locations: AZ,UT,CO,NM 

53) Title: The Flexible Future for Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Innovation Across the Northern Rockies and Great Plains (Ref # 419)
Summary: The Engine proposes to address the national and societal challenges in energy, water, and healthcare through a focus on the topic of advanced materials and manufacturing.
Organization: Boise State University  Contact: Estrada, David  Contact Link
Keywords: energy,  microelectronics,  bioengineering,  machine learning,  advanced manufacturing  Locations: WY,SD,ND,ID,MT 

54) Title: Climate Resilience on the Northern Great Plains (Ref # 436)
Summary: The Engine proposes to focus on climate resilient development in the Engine’s region of service.
Organization: University of Nebraska-Lincoln  Contact: Rowe, Clinton  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  climate change,  diversification,  resilience  Locations: NE,MT,ND,SD,WY 

55) Title: NSF Engines: Type 1: NYCHA Eco-Hubs Equity Resilience Initiative (Ref # 438)
Summary: The Engine proposes to create a network of scalable, replicable Eco-Hubs ( an adaptable use-inspired R&D and demonstration platform) as catalysts for social and economic re-invention. The engine will address urban agriculture, renewable energy infrastructure and energy systems all while driving the creation of multiple spinoff opportunities and the generation of jobs and community wealth.
Organization: Executive Director, Green City Force  Contact: Gayle, Tonya  Contact Link
Keywords: renewable energy,  building emissions reduction,  thermal energy networks,  controlled environment agriculture,  circular bio-economy  Locations: NY 

56) Title: NSF Engines: Type I: Hickory Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Engine (Ref # 450)
Summary: The Engine proposes to develop and expand sustainable advanced manufacturing for workforce development.
Organization: Appalachian State University  Contact: Norris, Heather  Contact Link
Keywords: clean energy,  sustainability,  climate change,  energy efficiency,  advanced manufacturing  Locations: NC 

57) Title: Engine for Sustainable Rural Innovations (ESRI): Redefining the Role of the 21st Century Land Grant (Ref # 456)
Summary: The Engine proposes to leverage the distinct attributes of communities to drive innovation-in-place supported by use-inspired research, creating an ecosystem that will enable communities to strengthen and diversity their economies.
Organization: University of Georgia  Contact: Burg, Karen  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  food resilience  Locations: GA 

58) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1: Rising to the climate change challenges in the shipping industry within the greater Long Beach, CA, area (Ref # 460)
Summary: The Engine proposes to address the economic challenge of rising sea levels. The engine will develop coordinated, diverse, focused partnerships within the startup ecosystem to address the growing challenges arising within the shipping, logistics, and transportation industries that are being negatively impacted by climate change.
Organization: Long Beach Accelerator  Contact: Robertson, Ragan  Contact Link
Keywords: climate change,  diversity,  transportation,  shipping,  logistics  Locations: CA 

59) Title: Food as Medicine: Sustainable Supply Chains of Specialty Plants to Create Novel Branded Products in the Mississippi Delta (Ref # 473)
Summary: The Engine proposes to drive agroeconomic development in the functional food space by creating and fostering a natural product ecosystem that includes new minority farmer-owned supply chain companies and ancillary support businesses/opportunities. The engine will focus on medicinal plants and nutrient-dense crops produced through a sustainable, traceable, and equitable supply chain play, which a critical role in preparation of dietary supplements, specialty ingredients, and functional foods/beverages.
Organization: AgLaunch Initiative  Contact: Nelson, Peter  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  nutrition,  medicinal,  agtech,  agriculture  Locations: MS,AR,KY,MO,TN 

60) Title: NSF Engines: Type 1 Center for Higher-voltage Applied Research in Green Energy (CHARGE) (Ref # 486)
Summary: The Engine proposes to access green energy options as well as stimulate the economy through job creation. Activities include battery innovation, battery systems, power systems, microgrid, power electronics, dielectrics, controls,, medium voltage, and security, reliability, and policy.
Organization: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee  Contact: Graettinger, Andrew  Contact Link
Keywords: clean energy,  microgrid,  equity,  controls,  power  Locations: WI 

61) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1: The New York Center for Coastal Cities (NYC3) (Ref # 494)
Summary: The Engine proposes to adapt at risk-urban environments through the creation of a consortium comprised of academic, community- based and environmental justice organization, government agencies and industry to support the economic growth for underserved coastal communities.
Organization: The New School  Contact: Towers, Joel  Contact Link
Keywords: climate change,  flooding,  coastal cities,  collaboration,  equity  Locations: NY 

62) Title: Innovation Ecosystem for the Circular Economy of Plastics in the Extended Delaware Valley (Ref # 495)
Summary: The Engine proposes to grow a circular economy for plastics, enhancing its primary economic drivers, the engineering and technology industries, toward a more equitable and green economy.
Organization: Villanova University  Contact: Comolli, Noelle  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  recycle,  renewable,  plastics,  circular economy  Locations: PA,NJ,DE 

63) Title: NSF Engines: Environmentally Responsible use of Major Midwestern Waterways in the Era of Climate Change (Ref # 500)
Summary: The Engine proposes to advance clean manufacturing, emphasizing energy applications and waste valorization. It will also address environmentally responsible natural resource utilization, river ecology and climate change.
Organization: McKelvey School of Engineering  Contact: Thimsen, Elijah  Contact Link
Keywords: climate change,  river ecology,  environmentally responsible natural resource utilization,  long-term energy storage from inexpensive renewable electricity,  waste valorization,  advanced clean manufacturing  Locations: MO 

64) Title: NSF Engines: Type 1: Long Island Sustainable Manufacturing Engine (Ref # 503)
Summary: The Engine proposes to create a sustainable manufacturing hub that focuses on advanced manufacturing and clean energy technology.
Organization: Stony Brook University  Contact: Longtin, Jon  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  innovation,  clean-energy,  manufacturing  Locations: NY 

65) Title: Carbon-free Offshore Wind: A Clean Engine for an Inclusive Economy (Ref # 512)
Summary: The Engine proposes to create an internal center for offshore wind technology that is carbon free and environmentally friendly from initial manufacture to end of life recycling.
Organization: Stony Brook Univeristy  Contact: Shamash, Yacov  Contact Link
Keywords: energy,  inclusive,  sustainable,  renewable,  offshorewind  Locations: NY 

66) Title: Westchester Center for Clean Energy Advancement (Ref # 520)
Summary: The Engine proposes to solve the nations energy challenge by leveraging public and private resources in the region to advance energy and climate innovation; resulting in a well-trained workforce, greater economic mobility for the underserved, and increase economic growth. In particular the Engine would create an energy innovation campus – a destination center of business development, training, and entrepreneurship focused on clean energy and climate mitigation strategies, academic research (particularly in the areas of wind energy, geothermal, and clean fuel technology), and technical education.
Organization: Westchester County Association  Contact: Romita, Michael  Contact Link
Keywords: clean energy,  energy research,  economic mobility,  innovation,  global climate crisis  Locations: NY 

67) Title: Northeast and Central Ohio Fuel Cell Production and Electrolysis Manufacturing Technology Centers of Excellence (Ref # 526)
Summary: The Engine proposes to innovate and manufacture solid oxide fuel cells, proton-exchange membranes.
Organization: Special Power Sources  Contact: Dixon, Roland  Contact Link
Keywords: renewable energy,  manufacturing centers of excellence,  workforce development,  fuel cells  Locations: OH 

68) Title: NSF Engines: Flooding in the Appalachian Region: A Regional Innovation Engine to Manage Flood Risk and Improve Flood Resilience with Climate Change (Ref # 528)
Summary: The Engine proposes to address flood modeling and risk assessment under current and future climate scenarios. The engine will provide the necessary foundation for stimulating policy development, entrepreneurial innovation, economic development, and equity in climate change resiliency over the coming decade.
Organization: Battelle  Contact: Heisler-White, Jana  Contact Link
Keywords: climate change,  modeling,  appalachians,  flooding,  resilience  Locations: NC,TN,VA 

69) Title: Cascadia Sustainable Energy Model (Ref # 536)
Summary: The Engine proposes to work on clean energy, specifically, scaling up exportable models for tying ecosystems of generation technology (hydro, nuclear, wind, solar, storage).The Engine also intends to drive innovation in the built environment by investing in end user technology that supplements clean production.
Organization: Port of Benton / Washington VERTical  Contact: Thomas, Miles  Contact Link
Keywords: energy,  decarbonization,  clean energy,  building systems integration,  energy production  Locations: WA,ID 

70) Title: Electrifying Santa Clara County to lighten climate change and ignite health and equity (Ref # 539)
Summary: The Engine proposes to develop a market for electrified homes and offices, driven by robust demand for electrification services, balanced by an ample supply of electrification to career and technical programs.
Organization: Joint Venture Silicon Valley  Contact: Alvite, Elaine  Contact Link
Keywords: climate change,  health equity,  equity,  job training,  electrification  Locations: CA 

71) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1: ARISE Florida Agri-Food-Tech Enterprise: Adaptive, Resilient, Impactful, Sustainable, and Efficient Florida Agri-Food-Tech Enterprise (Ref # 542)
Summary: The Engine proposes to commercialize alternative food systems wherein resources are renewable and circulated, waste is eliminated, and nature is regenerated. The engine aims to: 1) transition food production and process systems to renewable and reusable resources, 2) preserve and extend what’s already made, and 3) redesign pollution out of the system.
Organization: University of Florida  Contact: Moghaddam, Saeed  Contact Link
Keywords: renewable energy,  decarbonization,  waste prevention and management,  food,  agriculture  Locations: FL 

72) Title: The Appalachian Innovation Alliance (Ref # 549)
Summary: The Engine proposes to develop a lithium battery second life, re-use, and recycling industry cluster. The goal is for the cluster to have the potential for strong connections to other markets for lithium cell, module, and battery pack manufacturing.
Organization: Vertiv  Contact: Ling, Dan  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  appalachia,  innovation,  energy storage,  lithium-ion batteries  Locations: OH,PA,WV,VA,KY,TN,NC,SC,GA 

73) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1: LabStart: Creating an Accessible Pathway for Climate-focused Lab IP Commercialization in the Intermountain West Region (Ref # 109)
Summary: The Engine proposes to launch and create climate tech startups to encourage rapid mitigation and adaptation of various climate technologies. Technologies such as, renewable energy, zero-emission transportation, energy efficiency technology, waste reduction, recycled materials, and sustainable manufacturing.
Organization: LabStart Innovations Inc.  Contact: Daley, Troy  Contact Link
Keywords: renewable energy,  commercialization,  lab ip,  intermountain west,  climate tech  Locations: WY,MO,ID,CO,UT,AZ,NM 

74) Title: The Midwest Thermal Science Coalition (Ref # 551)
Summary: The Engine proposed to spearhead solutions for local use cases around datacenter, industrial, commercial, and residential waste heat re-use. The goal to converge the local to the most global multi national stakeholder to realize specific synergies that are unique or replicable.
Organization: Vertiv  Contact: Ling, Dan  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  midwest,  innovation,  datacenters,  waste heat recovery  Locations: OH 

75) Title: Solar Capital of the World (Ref # 564)
Summary: The Engine proposes to address the regions need surrounding new source electricity by developing and commercializing new sources of renewable energy and water and agriculture related technologies.
Organization: Sunesta Research, Inc.  Contact: Sampson, Robert  Contact Link
Keywords: renewable energy,  professional commercialization,  startup studio,  agricultural technologies,  water technologies  Locations: AZ 

76) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1: Midwest FinTech 3.0 Center (Ref # 565)
Summary: The Engine proposes to build a resilient, democratic, and sustainable infrastructure using Web 3.0 technologies, including blockchain, Internet of Things, decentralized oracle networks and smart contracts.
Organization: Illinois Institute of Technology  Contact: Dixon, Matthew  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  cybersecurity,  decentralized systems,  web 3.0,  fintech  Locations: IL,MI 

77) Title: NSF Engines: Type 1: Industry 4.1: Integrating Clean and Smart Technologies for Sustainable Manufacturing (Ref # 571)
Summary: The engine proposes to integrate clean and smart technologies for sustainable manufacturing by developing next-generation, energy-efficient intelligent networks, sensor and AR/VR technologies. The Engine will support and grow a diverse innovation ecosystem focused broadly on sustainable industry that recognizes the need for coordinated and integrated advances in communications, sensing, and energy infrastructure to support developments in clean technologies.
Organization: Princeton University  Contact: Arnold, Craig  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  advanced manufacturing,  advanced wireless,  5g,  industry 4.0  Locations: NJ,PA,DE,MD,VA,WV,NY 

78) Title: NSF Engines: Type 1: Technological & Innovative Engine of Sustainable Solutions and Processes (Ref # 580)
Summary: The Engine proposes to transform the products and services industry by creating sustainable packaging systems, novel food production processing, cutting-edge energy resources, transformative uses of water and biomass, novel manufacturing, and planning of new infrastructures like functional buildings, mobility pathways, and human shelters comprised of truly sustainable materials science and engineering principles.
Organization: University of South Florida  Contact: Alcantar, Norma  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  biomass for upcycling,  reactive climate change strategies,  natural systems,  environmentally friendly products and processes,  green science and engineering  Locations: FL,GA,NC,SC,VA,MD,PA,MA,NY 

79) Title: NSF Engine: Colorado Springs, CO (Ref # 593)
Summary: The Engine proposes to conduct a feasibility assessment, develop an executable plan, structure and roadmap to synergize the region’s ecosystem through connected experiences and resources. The Engine aims to democratize the creation and deployment of solutions, leverage scientific/technical discoveries to create local solutions and, boldly energize innovation across a diverse workforce.
Organization: Hyperion Technologies dba FedTech LLC  Contact: Martin, Thomas  Contact Link
Keywords: climate,  security,  space,  national safety  Locations: CO 

80) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1: Sustainable and Resilient Power and Energy Future (SaRPEF) (Ref # 595)
Summary: The Engine proposes to develop integrated models, simulations, and software tools to plan, test, and operate the net-carbon-neutral electric grid of 2050.
Organization: University of North Carolina at Charlotte  Contact: Mazzola, Michael  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  renewable resources,  workforce development,  resilience,  power and energy  Locations: NC 

81) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1. The Caribbean Green Engine (CGE) for Coastal Resiliency and Economic Growth (Ref # 601)
Summary: The Engine proposes a multi-disciplinary approach to research connecting the biological, geological, chemical, and physical interactions endemic to coastal environments in order to develop technologies in renewable energy, CO2 capture, and sustainable manufacturing.
Organization: University of Puerto Rico at Bayamon  Contact: Velez-Rubio, Miguel  Contact Link
Keywords: climate change,  renewable energy,  diversity,  sustainable manufacturing,  coastal resiliency  Locations: PR,VI,FL 

82) Title: SEEDS IUUF Regional Innovation Engine: Increasing Food and Water Security and Combating IUUF Through HBCU-Led Innovation and Economic Development (Ref # 602)
Summary: The Engine proposes to combat and prevent illegal, unreported, unregulated fishing while addressing national security needs and expanding fisheries and aquaculture capacity. The goal is to promote sustainable management of critical marine species and ecosystems, and advancing regional economic opportunity by making science-based innovation more accessible.
Organization: Delaware State University  Contact: Boyle, Antonio  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  iuuf,  supply chain resiliency,  water security,  food security  Locations: DE,MS,RI,SC 

83) Title: NSF Engines: Type1: Development of a Mass Timber Innovation Engine to Contribute to Michigan’s Economic Development and Decarbonization Goals (Ref # 605)
Summary: The Engine proposes to decarbonize the built environment through engineered wood building construction materials that can be used in place of steel or concrete. These harvested wood products result in fewer emissions, can store carbon long term and mass timber structures can operate using less energy.
Organization: Michigan State University  Contact: Berghorn, George  Contact Link
Keywords: decarbonization,  rural economic development,  built environment,  mass timber  Locations: MI 

84) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1 LabX -FGCU Concept Outline (Ref # 612)
Summary: The Engine proposes to create a central institution for innovative students, businesses, and members of the community to collaborate towards providing commercial solutions for human and environmental challenges, economic value, and technical workforce development.
Organization: Lab X and FGCU Emergent Technology Institute  Contact: Petrovic, Marko  Contact Link
Keywords: renewable energy,  space technology,  education,  emergent technology,  innovation incubator  Locations: FL 

85) Title: Central Appalachia Mobility: Accelerating the integration of advanced Transportation and Energy systems (Ref # 619)
Summary: The Engine proposes to leverage their unique regional science and technology community to facilitate collaborations, accelerate innovations, and champion demonstrations of the integrated systems that will transform the way the U.S. moves goods, transports its citizens, and uses energy.
Organization: KeyLogic  Contact: Shaffer, Budd  Contact Link
Keywords: energy,  electric vehicles,  hydrogen,  electrification,  transportation  Locations: WV,OH,VA 

86) Title: City Innovations Collaborative: A Regional Innovation Engine to Alleviate Health, Environmental, and Economic Disparities in Communities Served by The City University of New York (Ref # 113)
Summary: The Engine proposes to harness the region’s current research capabilities in conjunction with stakeholders to alleviate health, environmental and economic disparities in distressed communities.
Organization: The Research Foundation of CUNY – The City College of New York  Contact: Wooten, Andrew  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  life science,  biomedical,  environment,  health  Locations: NY 

87) Title: NSF Engines: Type 1: An innovation ecosystem for the shellfish industry in rural Maryland (Ref # 635)
Summary: The Engine proposes to transform the shellfish industry into an innovative, expanded human and natural ecosystem by forging partnerships and using innovative and integrated technologies to radically expand shellfish production and the workforce needed to support this expansion. In addition, the Engine will significantly serve and promote food security and safety, develop a skilled and diverse workforce, combat climate change, enable nutrient retention and recycling, and protect water quality.
Organization: University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science  Contact: North, Elizabeth  Contact Link
Keywords: climate change,  rural maryland,  vocational training,  innovation network,  shellfish industry  Locations: MD 

88) Title: A statewide innovation engine for achieving Sustainable Agricultural Development (Ref # 655)
Summary: The Engine proposes to work on sustainable agricultural development by soliciting research, innovation and entrepreneurship. The Engine will incorporate technology and data science, equitable access to clean water and other natural resources that impact human health, education and workforce development.
Organization: WiSys  Contact: Sanga, Arjun  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  startup,  commercialization,  technology,  agriculture  Locations: WI 

89) Title: Tribal Energy Innovation Accelerator (Ref # 672)
Summary: The Engine proposes to advance major clean energy technologies and solutions that benefit tribal nations as well as the nation at large. The vision of the Engine is to efficiently, and systematically drives innovation in clean energy development.
Organization: Southern California Tribal Chairmen’s Association  Contact: Turner, Denis  Contact Link
Keywords: energy,  accelerator,  innovation,  economy,  cleantech  Locations: CA 

90) Title: Toward a Hawai`i Regional Innovation Engine (Ref # 679)
Summary: The Engine proposes to create a community-based technology development hub with satellites and partnerships on other islands to foster local industries across a broad technological base from astronomy to agriculture. By design, the hub will be tightly integrated with the state and local education system to fully engage in the education system from elementary to community college and university. The result will seed the growth of the STEM workforce and help to address long-standing systemic problems statewide.
Organization: Hawaii Island Economic Development Board (HIEDB)  Contact: Hoover, Jacqui  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  indigenous integration,  stem workforce development,  technology development,  hawai`i  Locations: HI 

Type:  NSF Engines Type-2 Proposal

91) Title: NSF Engines: Type 2: Achieving Massive CO2 Reductions, Growing the Blue Economy, and Accelerating Ecojustice through Nature-Inclusive Multi-Purpose Offshore Wind Energy Farms (Ref # 10)
Summary: The Engine proposes developing an offshore wind energy ecosystem that also sustains fisheries and mariculture.
Organization: Tufts University  Contact: Kuchma, Daniel  Contact Link
Keywords: climate,  fisheries,  ecojustice,  wind,  offshore  Locations: ME,MA,RI,NY,NJ,DE,VA,NC,SC 

92) Title: FIERCE: Fueling an Innovative, Equitable, Resilient Climate-smart Economy (Ref # 27)
Summary: The Engine proposes to catalyze a climate-smart economy through developing technology solutions, partnering with venture capitalists and corporations and creating a STEM workforce development program.
Organization: University of Idaho  Contact: Hudiburg, Tara  Contact Link
Keywords: clean energy,  climate change,  green jobs,  agriculture,  forests  Locations: ID,WA,OR 

93) Title: NSF Engines: Type 2: Coastal + Environmental Resilience Engine (Ref # 124)
Summary: The Engine proposes to advance technology translation to address vulnerabilities and mitigate risks to public safety and economic vitality caused by climate disruption.
Organization: The University of Central Florida Board of Trustees  Contact: Stangle, Kimberly  Contact Link
Keywords: renewable energy,  resilience,  environmental,  coastal,  critical infrastructure  Locations: FL 

94) Title: NSF Engines: Type 2: Central California Regional Innovation Engine (C2 Engine) (Ref # 142)
Summary: The Engine proposes solving grand challenges in the food-energy-water nexus through innovations across surface, groundwater, and marine systems that address the production, consumption, and recovery of water.
Organization: UC Santa Barbara  Contact: Caylor, Kelly  Contact Link
Keywords: energy,  life-cycle-analysis,  policy,  agriculture,  water  Locations: CA 

95) Title: Strategic Development of a 101 AI Clean Energy Corridor (Via AI Microgrid Networks) (Ref # 145)
Summary: The Engine proposes to revitalize outdated power infrastructure by transforming the use of microgrids via artificial intelligence-enabled microgrid networks.
Organization: IQgrid Ltd. PBC  Contact: Mangram, Myles  Contact Link
Keywords: clean energy,  technology corridor,  microgrids,  artificial intelligence (ai),  ai microgrids  Locations: CA 

96) Title: Strategic Development of a San Juan AI Clean Energy Corridor (Via AI Microgrid Networks) (Ref # 170)
Summary: The Engine proposes to address power grid system challenges, the growing demand for clean energy and the demand for more intelligent smart grid infrastructure through the development of artificial intelligence-enabled microgrid networks.
Organization: IQgrid Ltd. PBC  Contact: Mangram, Myles  Contact Link
Keywords: clean energy,  technology corridor,  microgrids,  artificial intelligence (ai),  ai microgrids  Locations: PR 

97) Title: FAMU North Florida Innovation Nexus (Nexus Engine) (Ref # 178)
Summary: The Engine proposes to focus on food-energy-water systems to create a regional impact by leveraging agricultural, aquacultural and biological technologies. It aims to reduce food insecurity and strengthen the resilience of food supply chains, as well as reduce agricultural carbon impacts while expanding small- and large-scale production.
Organization: Florida A&M University  Contact: Ibeanusi, Victor  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  commercialization,  manufacturing,  agriculture,  fews  Locations: FL 

98) Title: NSF Engines: Type -2: Resilient Energy Technology and Infrastructure (RETI) Consortium of Southwestern Pennsylvania and West Virginia (Ref # 196)
Summary: The Engine proposes to build upon the current nexus for innovative research and product development in the region for sustainable and resilient energy.
Organization: West Virginia University  Contact: Olesh, Erienne  Contact Link
Keywords: decarbonization,  sustainability,  energy,  resiliency,  security  Locations: WV,PA 

99) Title: Digital Agriculture and Sustainable Food (Ref # 204)
Summary: The Engine proposes to develop new integrated technologies, practices, workforce development and policy initiatives to create a blueprint for sustainable foods. The Engine will be built around 3 pillars: farming, food processing and distribution, technology & data.
Organization: UW-Madison  Contact: Sankaralingam, Karthikeyan  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  food,  information technology,  automation,  agriculture  Locations: WI,IL,MN 

100) Title: NSF Engines: Type 2: Powering Up the New Blue Economy – Regional to National to Global Significance (Ref # 217)
Summary: The Engine proposes creating a knowledge-based ‘blue economy’ that looks towards the sea not just for extraction of material goods, but for data and information to solve societal challenges such as coastal infrastructure resilience, sustaining natural resources, and advancing ocean-based renewable energy.
Organization: NSF Community  Contact: Murawski, Steven  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  tampa bay region,  innovation,  workforce,  key terms: new blue economy  Locations: FL 

101) Title: The Good River Engine: Building the digital economy of the water-energy nexus in the Ohio River Basin (Ref # 233)
Summary: The Engine proposes an ecosystem centered on system-level innovations at the water-energy nexus, delivering clean water, flood/drought risk reduction, and renewable energy.
Organization: university of cincinnati  Contact: Yeghiazarian, Lilit  Contact Link
Keywords: energy,  economy,  resilience,  water,  digital  Locations: KY,OH,WV 

102) Title: Electrification and Transportation Advancement (ETA) (Ref # 235)
Summary: The Engine proposes to address vehicle electrification and transportation advancement. It will develop and scale electrified vehicles and mobility training for the new industry jobs on the same five-year timeline as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL).
Organization: Southeast Michigan Community Alliance  Contact: Ureste, Michele  Contact Link
Keywords: energy,  research,  infrastructure,  education,  transportation  Locations: MI 

103) Title: NSF Engines: Type 2: From Sea to Space: Improving Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Standards for Sustainability (Sea to Space Engine) (Ref # 262)
Summary: The Engine proposes improving Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Standards using learnings from space, rail, air, and sea sectors that lead to the integration and adaptation of emerging technologies for sustainability.
Organization: Nova Southeastern University, Inc.  Contact: Wensveen, John  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  emerging technologies,  space,  governance,  social  Locations: FL 

104) Title: NSF Engines: Type 2: Accelerating Equitable Climate Tech Innovation in Lithium Valley (Ref # 272)
Summary: The proposed Engine will create a lithium hub to support the manufacturing of a new generation of sustainably-sourced and environmentally-safe lithium batteries, showcasing a new green industry that can be driven and led by frontline communities. It will demonstrate how to actualize and not just theorize a just energy transition.
Organization: Elemental Excelerator  Contact: Karris, Kim  Contact Link
Keywords: climate,  geothermal,  equity,  technology,  lithium  Locations: CA 

105) Title: NSF Engines – Type-2: Empower Communities for Clean Energy Choices (Ref # 275)
Summary: The Engine proposes developing scalable clean energy solutions to benefit marginalized communities.
Organization: University of Wisconsin – Madison, College of Engineering  Contact: Schmitz, Oliver  Contact Link
Keywords: clean energy,  clean energy workforce,  energy supply,  clean energy technology,  energy justice  Locations: WI 

106) Title: Southeastern United States Technology Artificial Intelligence & Innovation Node (S.U.S.T.A.I2.N) (Ref # 294)
Summary: The Engine proposes to source, and amplifying use-inspired research and development in the cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and machine learning, environmental, and defense spaces that can be productized and scaled.
Organization: Opportunity Hub  Contact: Sampson, Rodney  Contact Link
Keywords: energy,  enterprise technologies,  ai,  equity  Locations: GA 

107) Title: NSF Engines: Type-2: Climate-Resilient Agriculture (Ref # 309)
Summary: The Engine proposes to address climate-resilient agriculture by conducting use-inspired research, generating new products, services and businesses, and driving their adoption to prepare the region for economic growth in the face of climate change-induced disruptions of the agricultural systems.
Organization: BioConnect Iowa  Contact: Brody, Steve  Contact Link
Keywords: climate change,  sustainability,  national food security,  agricultural profitability,  agricultural innovation  Locations: IA,NE,KS 

108) Title: Common Mission Project’s Intermountain West Innovation Engine to develop a Climate and Infrastructure Resiliency (Ref # 311)
Summary: The Engine proposes to coordinate partners (academic, government, research, private/public capital, and non-profits) to combat climate through infrastructure resiliency. The focus will be on artificial intelligence, data collection, sensors, 5G, imaging, advanced materials, energy storage, battery design, advanced agriculture, energy production, food security, advanced manufacturing, and more to speed the solutions to our most pressing climate challenges.
Organization: Common Mission Project  Contact: Perreca, Eric  Contact Link
Keywords: decarbonization,  resilience,  acceleration,  drought,  clean energy and climate innovation  Locations: UT 

109) Title: NSF Engines: Type 2, Towards Utah Resiliency Now (TURN) (Ref # 320)
Summary: The Engine proposes to harness energy-water nexus technology to direct the region’s economic growth toward a sustainable future. It will focus on several industries and vertical categories, including big data; blockchain; clean technology; educational technology; infrastructure; Internet of Things; manufacturing; and research.
Organization: University of Utah  Contact: Bowen, Brenda  Contact Link
Keywords: energy,  climate,  equity,  water,  resiliency  Locations: UT 

110) Title: NSF Engines: Type 2: Sustainability Innovation Engine of the Southwest (Ref # 331)
Summary: The Engine proposes to work on climate change and the threat that it poses to livability, particularly for vulnerable populations, and for businesses. We envision leveraging our region’s rapidly advancing technologies, innovation, and entrepreneurial ecosystems to drive economic activity within a framework of water and energy sustainability, equity, diversity, and inclusion.
Organization: Arizona State University  Contact: Schlosser, Peter  Contact Link
Keywords: energy,  climate change,  sustainability,  heat,  water  Locations: AZ,CA,UT 

111) Title: The Engine for the Sustainable Development of the Southeast (Ref # 99)
Summary: The Engine proposes to address sustainability, resilience, and aspects of climate change. The vision is an innovation ecosystem that powers the creation of technological solutions that address regional climate change and resiliency pressures, drives the businesses that employ a diverse decarbonizing workforce, and steers the policies and economic practices that promote sustainable development.
Organization: Georgia Institute of Technology  Contact: Yee, Shannon  Contact Link
Keywords: energy,  decarbonization,  climate change,  sustainability,  entrepreneurship  Locations: GA 

112) Title: NSF Engines: Type-2: Northeast Blue Engine (Ref # 354)
Summary: The Engine proposes to empower community and industry by forging a shared path that advances critical and emerging technologies to sustain existing maritime industries. The engine’s approach is built upon producing data and building infrastructure, connecting researcher and user communities, accelerating technology, and growing the workforce.
Organization: MITRE  Contact: Rotker, Nicholas  Contact Link
Keywords: climate change,  fisheries & aquaculture,  ocean mapping,  coastal resilience,  bluetech  Locations: ME,NH,MA 

113) Title: NSF Engines: Type 2: Re-Envisioning Wildland Urban Interface Communities To Thrive in a Changing Climate—Integrating Innovation, Knowledge(s)-to-Practice, and Stewardship (Ref # 384)
Summary: The Engine proposes to advance resiliency to communities at risk from wildfires. The goal is to lead efforts that reflect the values and needs of those most impacted by extreme events.
Organization: Board of Regents of the NSHE obo Desert Research Institute  Contact: Wall, Tamara  Contact Link
Keywords: climate change,  adaptation,  community resilience,  wildfire,  traditional knowledge  Locations: CA,NV 

114) Title: NSF Engines: Type-2: Innovation Engine for Climate Resilience in the Colorado RIver BaSIn States (CRISIS) (Ref # 403)
Summary: The Engine proposes to address the urgent need for scalable innovation in food and energy production with sustainable water management.
Organization: University of Arizona  Contact: Van Dyke, Mark  Contact Link
Keywords: climate,  controlled environment,  precision agriculture  Locations: AZ,NM,UT,NV,CA 

115) Title: NSF Engines: Type-2: Akron Engine for Carbon-Neutral Polymers (Ref # 424)
Summary: The Engine proposes to transform the polymer industry of the region into a carbon-neutral sector of the economy by leveraging existing, unique, and valuable regional assets to fuel high-impact use-inspired R&D, commercialize new technologies (translation of innovations to practice), and prepare the productive workforce needed to unlock the full potential of a carbon-neutral circular economy.
Organization: The University of Akron  Contact: Dhinojwala, Ali  Contact Link
Keywords: climate change,  sustainability,  circular economy,  recyclability,  carbon neutral  Locations: OH 

116) Title: NSF Engines: Type-2: Decarbonization of Alaska’s Railbelt for Resilience, Sustainability, and Economic Revitalization (Ref # 425)
Summary: The Engine proposes to address the near-term shortage of regional natural gas as a fuel sources supplying both electricity and heat. The engine will use this impending crisis as an opportunity to spur innovation towards the development and implementation of sustainable and resilient power and heat sources through thought deploying technologies that have the capacity to replace at least 25 billion cubic feet of gas consumption by 2030 in an effort that merges electricity, heat, and transport into one energy challenge.
Organization: University of Alaska Fairbanks  Contact: Whitney, Erin  Contact Link
Keywords: decarbonization,  energy,  resilience,  alaska,  railbelt  Locations: AK 

117) Title: NSF Engines: Type 2: Addressing Food Insecurities and DEI-A (Ref # 446)
Summary: The Engine proposes enabling equitable nutritional health outcomes through precision agriculture, food security and precision health.
Organization: Delaware State University  Contact: Winstead, Cherese  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  underserved communities,  diversity equity inclusion accessibility,  health disparities,  nutrition food  Locations: DC,MD,DE 

118) Title: Coastal Transformation Engine (Ref # 474)
Summary: The Engine proposes to scale tech-driven solutions addressing challenges facing coastal communities to maximize affordability, equity, and economic opportunity. The engine will focus on coastal resilience and water management associated with flooding, storm surge, and water quality; and it will address decarbonization of targeted industries including aerospace, cleantech, defense, finance, information technology, life sciences, logistics, and manufacturing.
Organization: Southeast Florida Regional Prosperity Institute, Inc.  Contact: Cosio Carballo, Isabel  Contact Link
Keywords: decarbonization,  climate change,  climate justice,  water,  coastal resilience  Locations: FL 

Summary: The Engine proposes the development of data-driven solutions to water scarcity and poor quality in the region to address the impacts of climate change and drought.
Organization: BATTELLE  Contact: LOESCHER, HENRY  Contact Link
Keywords: climate change,  private sector,  knowledge transfer,  colorado river basin,  water management  Locations: AZ,CA,NM,UT,WY,CO,NV 

120) Title: NSF Engines: Type 2: Building a lasting blue innovation ecosystem in the New England region (Ref # 507)
Summary: The Engine proposes to develop capacities in a blue innovation ecosystem to enable entrepreneurs, firms, and industries to drive towards ocean sustainability goals and climate adaptability; while ensuring the health of the regional and national economy through inclusive workforce development and scalability of bluetech services and products to market.
Organization: New England Aquarium  Contact: Powalisz, Jeffrey  Contact Link
Keywords: renewable energy,  aquaculture,  climate resilience,  bluetech,  ocean  Locations: MA,ME,NH,RI,CT 

121) Title: NSF Engines: Type-2: ASPIRE P3 Intermountain West Innovation Engine (Ref # 535)
Summary: The Engine proposes to address critical use-inspired impediments to electrification in the most challenging industries. By encompassing the electrification lifecycle from regional raw materials to electricity generation and electrical end use the Engine hopes to translate emerging technologies into the region and develop a highly trained workforce that can thrive in the new clean energy economy.
Organization: Utah State University  Contact: Zane, Regan  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  p3 pilots,  rural workforce,  transportation,  electrification  Locations: UT,ID,WY 

122) Title: Climate-Responsive Opportunities for Plant Science (CROPS): Building a North Carolina Ag-Tech Innovation Corridor (Ref # 556)
Summary: The Engine proposes to build on the rapid engineering of climate-resilient plants that can produce high yields with less water and are more resistance to drought, high temperature, flooding, disease, and pathogens
Organization: Wake Forest University  Contact: Muday, Gloria  Contact Link
Keywords: climate change,  adaptation,  plant resilience,  workforce development,  agricultural biotechnology  Locations: NC 

123) Title: AI for Humanity: Coupled Solutions for Human Health and Climate Resilience (Ref # 598)
Summary: The Engine proposes to develop next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to revolutionize healthcare by enabling secured private data sharing, safe and automated diagnostics, precision medicine and personalized care, low-cost and easy-access treatments, and complex modeling of genetic and environmental effects upon disease vectors, and co-morbidities. The Engine will leverage AI and machine learning for improving our knowledge and ability to predict and visualize weather and climate forecasts at local scales.
Organization: Center for Economic Growth  Contact: Newcombe, Katharine  Contact Link
Keywords: climate change,  data analytics,  artificial intelligence (ai),  disparities,  health  Locations: NY 

124) Title: NSF Engines: Type 2: Midwest Sustainable Plastics Innovation Regional Engine (M-SPIRE) (Ref # 625)
Summary: The Engine proposes to catalyze the modern plastics innovation economy by leading the nation in sustainable materials research, products, and services. The Engine will transform the current linear plastics economy to a circular one through innovative, synergistic, and comprehensive work.
Organization: The University of Chicago  Contact: de Pablo, Juan  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  biodegradable polymers,  materials science,  sustainable materials,  plastics  Locations: IL 

125) Title: Central Plains Value-Added Agricultural Products (VAAP) Engine (Ref # 636)
Summary: The Engine proposes to diversify agricultural production in their region to give farmers economic options beyond commodity crop production, develop industries that support the rural bioeconomy, and provide specialized bioprocessing expertise and infrastructure to transition entrepreneurial ideas and start-up companies to profitable industries.
Organization: University of Nebraska-Lincoln  Contact: Cahoon, Edgar  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  rural vitality,  industrial feedstocks,  bioproducts,  food processing,  synthetic biology  Locations: NE,SD,KS,IA