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Selected Keywords: sustainability (53), climate change (36), energy (27), decarbonization (19), renewable energy (17), clean energy (14), climate (12)

Type:  NSF Engines Type-1 Proposal

1) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1: Sustainable Offshore Future Energy (SO Future Energy) (Ref # 29)
Summary: The Engine proposes to establish leadership in sustainable offshore renewable energy production in order to meet U.S energy needs.
Organization: University of New Orleans  Contact: Tarr, Matthew  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  entrepreneurship,  workforce,  ocean energy,  wind energy  Locations: LA 

2) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1: Building Climate-Responsive Digital Ag Hubs in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi (Ref # 50)
Summary: The Engine proposes to create a system to digitally connect farms to a blockchain- backed carbon tracking system and supply chain maps. This will ensure proper plans for climate risk scenarios which will translate to greater business.
Organization: Map-Collective Inc  Contact: Gupta, Tara  Contact Link
Keywords: climate change,  urban planning,  regenerative architecture,  remote work,  climate-smart agriculture  Locations: AL,MS,LA 

3) Title: NSF Engines: Type 1: Sustainable Energy Corps (Ref # 128)
Summary: The Engine proposes to employ an action-based, direct project approach to increasing assessment capabilities of emission points, engaging in partnerships with emission owners.
Organization: Pennsylvania State University  Contact: Alger, Monty  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  engagement,  education,  database  Locations: TX,LA 

4) Title: NSF Engines: Type 1: An HBCU-Connected Decentralized Innovation Engine (Ref # 136)
Summary: The Engine proposes to decentralize the system of energy and environmental management in post-conflict/disaster. The engine will focus on including renewable energy, information technology & communication and keep up with innovations mitigating climate change (carbon capture, greenhouse gas emissions, reduction, etc.)
Organization: Southern University and A&M College  Contact: Stubblefield, Michael  Contact Link
Keywords: energy,  hbcu,  cybersecurity,  decentralization,  resiliency  Locations: LA,MS,AL,GA 

5) Title: NSF Engines: Type 1: Power Resilience Omnipresence through Technology Ecosystem and Collaborative Transfer-PROTECT, Texas (Ref # 149)
Summary: The Engine proposes to develop a testbed/pilot effort that provides insights on how innovative technologies may impact the total supply chain of critical upstream infrastructures such as home/industry electricity, water, food, and manufacturing.
Organization: Texas A&M University  Contact: Kezunovic, Mladen  Contact Link
Keywords: climate change,  cybersecurity,  data analytics,  risk management,  resilience  Locations: TX 

6) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1: Increasing Grain and Animal Production and Health in the Central United States: Exploiting the Rules of Life, Artificial Intelligence, Sensors, and Robotics (Ref # 260)
Summary: The Engine proposes to provide a coordination hub for gain and animal production industries.
Organization: Oklahoma State University  Contact: Alderman, Phillip  Contact Link
Keywords: climate,  analytics,  data,  breeding,  farming  Locations: OK,NE,KS,TX,IA,MN,IL,MO,SD,IN,ND,WI,ID,CO,MT 

7) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1: Building Decarbonation through Heat Pumps in Texas (Ref # 269)
Summary: The Engine proposes to address the critical challenge of climate change through integrating artificial intelligence (AI) techniques with an understanding of human needs and behaviors to enable an efficient, human-centered, resilient, and socially justifiable design and operation of building heat pump systems that promote and support regional scale adoption of building decarbonization.
Organization: Texas A&M University  Contact: O’Neill, Zheng  Contact Link
Keywords: climate change,  energy justice,  artificial intelligence,  heat pumps,  building decarbonization  Locations: TX 

8) Title: “Energy Transition using Hydrogen and Carbon Capture in the Gulf Coast” (Ref # 292)
Summary: The Engine proposes a focus on energy transition using hydrogen and carbon capture.
Organization: Alpine Polytech  Contact: Mendes, Neil  Contact Link
Keywords: decarbonization,  energy diversity,  academic innovation,  gulf coast region,  ccus,  storage,  utilization,  carbon capture,  hydrogen,  energy transition  Locations: TX,LA,MS,AL 

9) Title: NSF Engines: Type 1: An Inclusive Innovation Ecosystem and Economic Development Engine for Transforming North Central Texas and Southern Oklahoma Logistics Industry (Ref # 307)
Summary: The Engine proposes to focus on automation, electrification, and cyber technologies. It aims to develop an inclusive innovation ecosystem and economic development engine for transforming the logistics industry and enhancing societal and economic value.
Organization: University of North Texas  Contact: Pohlen, Terrance  Contact Link
Keywords: energy,  automation,  resilience,  transportation,  logistics  Locations: TX,OK 

10) Title: Louisiana’s Engine for Artificial-Intelligence Discoveries (LEAD) (Ref # 339)
Summary: The Engine proposes to address the regional challenges in climate and health through use-inspired advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computational modeling.
Organization: Tulane University  Contact: Foster, Kimberly  Contact Link
Keywords: climate,  health,  computational modeling,  machine learning,  artificial intelligence  Locations: LA 

11) Title: NSF Engines: Type-<1>: < Biocarbon-driven Water-Energy-Food-Climate innovation incubators that enhance rural economy, sustainability, and education in dairy farming areas> (Ref # 521)
Summary: The Engine proposes to produce biochar from locally available waste material, provide hands-on training in the development and testing of innovative biochar products and serve as an incubator for the creation of businesses based on these products. The engine will design a model for rural innovation incubators that can be replicated in a diversity of dairy farming locations.
Organization: Tarleton State University  Contact: Kan, Eun Sung  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  greenhouse gas,  biocarbon,  water-energy-food-climate nexus,  dairy farms  Locations: TX 

12) Title: NSF Engines: Type-1: South Texas Advanced Renewable Energy (STAR-E) Innovation Engine (Ref # 547)
Summary: The Engine proposes to target renewable energy innovation by leveraging advanced materials, artificial intelligence and advanced manufacturing technologies such as, additive manufacturing.
Organization: UTRGV  Contact: Li, Jianzhi  Contact Link
Keywords: renewable energy,  smart technologies,  workforce development,  additive manufacturing,  advanced material manufacturing  Locations: TX 

13) Title: Economical Geothermal Baseload Energy Demonstrated and Scaled in Texas  (Ref # 110)
Summary: The Engine proposes to work in the area of geothermal energy. The Engine seeks to leverage advances in the use of supercritical carbon dioxide, drilling technology and key materials to advance geothermal energy production.
Organization: Texas Association of Business  Contact: Grande, Rebecca  Contact Link
Keywords: energy,  renewable,  baseload,  green,  geothermal  Locations: TX 

14) Title: NSF Engines: Type 1: Southeastern Innovations for Sea Level Rise (SISLR) Coalition (Ref # 608)
Summary: The Engine proposes to address sea level rise through transformational growth in blue industries that also improves diversity, equity, inclusion, justice and accessibility within communities.
Organization: Florida Sea Grant  Contact: Larkin, Sherry  Contact Link
Keywords: climate change,  diversity,  poverty,  economic security,  flooding  Locations: FL,TX,LA,MS,AL,GA,SC,NC,VI,PR 

15) Title: NSF Engines: Type 1: Convergent Research and Entrepreneurship towards an AirTrac Transportation Ecosystem (CREATE) (The CREATE Engine in the Central U.S.) (Ref # 628)
Summary: The Engine proposes to develop, prototype, test, and evaluate a new lightweight vehicle-guideway system for safety, sustainability, resiliency, and rider experience, to assess its impact on transportation equity, workforce development, economic competitiveness, and environmental adaptation.
Organization: The Curators of the University of Missouri (Rolla)  Contact: Chen, Genda  Contact Link
Keywords: renewable energy,  high-performance materials,  high-speed transportation,  autonomous vehicles,  advanced manufacturing  Locations: MO,OH,TX 

Type:  NSF Engines Type-2 Proposal

16) Title: Manufacturing and workforce engines of aqueous battery development for clean, safe, and economic grid scale energy storage (Ref # 51)
Summary: The Engine proposes a plan to help the nation achieve its goal of 100% carbon pollution-free electricity by 2035 through development and commercialization of novel energy storage technologies. The technology applies abundant raw materials for battery device manufacturing to suppress US supply chain dependence upon critical materials from foreign countries.
Organization: Hunt Energy Enterprises  Contact: Kong, Fantai  Contact Link
Keywords: climate change,  earth abundant materials,  aqueous battery,  national security,  grid energy storage  Locations: TX 

17) Title: Sustainable Plant-based Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing at the Point-of-care, boasting renewable energy, lower costs, faster therapeutic/vaccine manufacturing solution (Ref # 219)
Summary: The Engine proposes the creation of a fast, scalable, and sustainable Point-of-Care biomanufacturing platform by combining plant-based biomanufacturing, artificial intelligence (AI), and data analytics, and designing an efficient renewable energy system.
Organization: iBio, Inc.  Contact: Berquist, Brian  Contact Link
Keywords: renewable energy,  plant-based pharmaceuticals,  biomanufacturing,  data analytics,  artificial intelligence  Locations: TX 

18) Title: NSF Engines: Type-2: Concept Outline Maritime Decarbonization Innovation Engine (Ref # 241)
Summary: The Engine proposes a decarbonized water-borne (maritime) transportation industry.
Organization: Blue Sky Maritime Coalition, Inc.  Contact: Cummins, David  Contact Link
Keywords: decarbonization,  maritime,  end-to-end value chain,  equity,  collaboration  Locations: FL,AL,MS,TX,OH,MO,IL,KY,TN,AR,WI,MN,ND,SD,NE,CO,WY,KS,NM,OK,IN,WV,GA 

19) Title: NSF Engines: Type-2: Regional Advancement Leveraging Innovations for Water and Energy Security Transformation (RALI-WEST) (Ref # 346)
Summary: The Engine proposes to create novel solutions to clean and conserve water and decarbonize energy to improve quality of life, accelerate regional economic growth, and maximize resilience to climate change for drylands globally.
Organization: New Mexico State University and Sandia Laboratories  Contact: Begay, Sandra  Contact Link
Keywords: renewable energy,  dryland ecosystems,  rural and indigenous communities,  resilience to climate change,  water sustainability  Locations: NM,TX 

20) Title: NSF Engines: Type 2: ACT: Accelerating Net Zero Carbon Technology and Policies For Energy Transition, Texas (Ref # 407)
Summary: The Engine proposes to become the clean-energy capital and a global supplier of technologies, materials, finance, and policy solutions to accelerate an energy transition that is just and inclusive. Specifically, the Engine will lead innovation in energy materials, carbon capture, utilization and storage, hydrogen production and storage, advanced manufacturing, digitalization and high-fidelity computation models, and relevant policies to promote market formation and depth aimed at de-risking entry and participation.
Organization: Houston Energy Transition Initiative  Contact: Tudor, Bobby  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  circular economy,  carbon capture,  environment,  energy transition  Locations: TX 

21) Title: NSF Engines: Type 2: Engine for Louisiana Innovation and Transition of Energy (ELITE) (Ref # 457)
Summary: The Engine proposes to transitions away from fossil energy and a decarbonized economy.
Organization: Board of Supervisors of Louisiana State University  Contact: Maas, Andrew  Contact Link
Keywords: decarbonization,  equitable,  sustainable innovation,  co2 sequestration,  energy transition  Locations: LA 

22) Title: NSF Engines: Type-2: The Texas Panhandle Innovation Engine: A National Epicenter for Securing Global Food Supply Through Technology, Entrepreneurial, and Workforce Innovation (Ref # 497)
Summary: The Engine proposes to address the present and future challenges related to workforce & food safety, skills gaps, climate change, water & resource scarcity, and national security by focusing on enhancing resource efficiency, safety, security and climate resilience of the beef, dairy, fiber and forage production.
Organization: Innovation Outpost  Contact: McLees, Todd  Contact Link
Keywords: sustainability,  automation,  security,  upskilling,  food  Locations: TX 

23) Title: Energy Transition using Hydrogen and Carbon Capture in the Gulf Coast (Ref # 654)
Summary: The Engine proposes to combat climate change by transitioning to clean energy through the use of hydrogen and carbon capture.
Organization: Alpine Polytech  Contact: Mendes, Neil  Contact Link
Keywords: decarbonization,  energy diversity,  academic innovation,  gulf coast region,  ccus,  storage,  utilization,  carbon capture,  hydrogen,  energy transition  Locations: TX,LA,MS,AL