AIChE Workshop Goals

AIChE Sustainable Energy Corps Workshop

Goal 1 Engagement:

Launch a draft portal with a logo, mission statement, and relevant information about the EIC (including leadership, members, and future goals) for the purpose of increasing engagement. The portal will be set up prior to the workshop and will be updated throughout the course of the project.

Goal 2 Design:

Launch benchmarking for design of a shared data platform with information about current energy infrastructure, investments in technologies, work being done by student groups to map local emissions, and other information relevant to energy innovation

Goal 3 Strategy:

Host a workshop to define the following objectives:

  • Communicate and share the EIC concepts to build the first list of workshop participants – universities, companies, and government.
  • Outline EIC goals and mission -the EIC will focus on mapping concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere to local work practices.
  • Share existing practices, capture ideas, discuss strategies regarding communication and dissemination of information to the broader engineering community.
  • Discussing further efforts that can be designed to engage students (internship programs, educational courses, etc.). We will aim to host this workshop in Q2 of 2021, or the beginning of Q3 if this time is more feasible for an in-person meeting. For this workshop we aim to bring together 50 or more stakeholders who are experts in energy innovation.
  • Identify initial pilot effort to launch and demonstrate potential

Goal 4 Roadmap:

Create a roadmap outlining the first activities that will be supported the EIC, and the steps required in the next 12 months to do so. The roadmap should be distributed to relevant stakeholders. Target complete roadmap disseminated in Q3 of 2021.

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